Most customers prefer functionality over creativity
With that said, you don’t want to neglect your website design completely—it still needs to look professional. We can use themes and templates that make it easy to design a site that looks both professional and aesthetically pleasing.

But what you really need to focus on is mobile responsiveness. Mobile commerce made up nearly 60% of digital sales in 2017. Google prioritizes sites that are optimized for mobile devices. Customers are 62% less likely to purchase from sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. In today’s market, it’s essential for your ecommerce site to be mobile responsive. If not, you run the risk of turning away new and returning customers. Our ecommerce solution offers a true mobile responsiveness

Marketing your ecommerce website
While a solid business strategy and optimized website are important for converting leads, you still need a good marketing plan to get your ecommerce business off the ground.

If you’re a smaller company, we recommend doing your own digital marketing rather than outsourcing it to an agency. That way, you’ll get a better idea of your customers’ needs and expectations as you interact with them on social media. We offer a complete solution including a social media integration with your online store.

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We’re focused on more than powering your online store. We’re here to give you tools like Google Analytics that will help you grow a successful, sustainable online website business with a free secure SSL certificate included.

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